Pros and Cons of learning to sew online

Learning online is a subject of a great debate these days. Each side debates they are better. When online classes try to expose the shortcoming of real-life classes the other side does the same.

The thing is that online lessons have helped a lot more people to learn. People who did n’t any access to these classes before were able to learn. Amidst all the good things about online, there are a few shortcomings. So that what we are discussing today.


1. Costs less: This is the always the number one for online lessons. Real life lessons always cost more. There are a lot of online lessons which doesn’t cost anything.

2. Flexible timing: Being able to learn anytime you want is an amazing advantage. With online lessons, you can learn at your own time. For a lot of people not having enough time is the reason for not learning. And online lessons eliminate the issues.

3. Flexible environment: You can learn from anywhere. you can learn from the comfort of your home or you can learn at your office during breaks. The point is that you can learn from anywhere. There are a lot of people who couldn’t learn something just there was no class in their town. This changed with the introduction of online courses. Now accessibility is not an issue for learning.

4. Infinite options: A specific sewing workshop may not always be right for you. sometimes people have a difficulty understanding from a specific instructor. Changing classes in real life is not that easy due to sheer awkwardness and total lack of options. But online the options are infinite, you can change classes with a mouse click.

5. Learning self-discipline and time management: Since there is no one to look after you in an online sewing workshop, you have to take the responsibility yourself. And this will lead to self-discipline. Time management is another thing you will learn from online lessons since it will always be hard to manage time between everything else and learning.


1. Lack of social interaction: Online lessons are always inside your laptop. You always learn yourself. Online lessons can’t really bring the social aspects of real-life lessons. There is no way to meet other like-minded people with online lessons.

2. Incomplete learning: This is true in case of sewing. Learning sewing involves a lot of demonstrations. Demonstrations in a video can never match real life demos. You also lose out on the opportunity to ask questions during the demonstrations.

3. Not able to clear doubts properly: All online lessons have some kind of forums to ask questions. But I find them not good enough. Written language has a lot of constraints when compared to spoken language. Some doubts are hard to translate into written language. So this leads to not clearing doubts properly and ultimately to not understanding the topic well.

The above listed are some of the known pros and cons of online sewing lessons. I hope this will help you make an informed decision if you are thinking about joining an online sewing class.