Sewing workshops: Online vs IRL

Online classes or real life classes this has been the primary discussion point in the education industry for the last few years. The increased popularity of online lessons has to lead to tremendous changes in education. Even companies now allow online certificates to prove qualifications. This has lead to more people taking online lessons.

But this also sparked a never-ending debate between the people who support real-life lessons and the people who support online. Things are no different in case of sewing workshops. Traditionally there are a lot of sewing workshops and the introduction of online workshops has been bad for their business. So there is a debate. Like most other debates both sides have some solid points to make. I will present all of the points and will let you make the decision.

Advantages of Online classes

1. Costs less

This is obviously the primary argument for online classes. They cost a lot less than their real-life counterparts. This is due to the everlasting content that is the online classes. There is no need for extra investment after the first time. This is what makes online classes cost less.

2. Flexible timing and environment

Not everyone has the time to attend a class. So being able to learn something at your own pace from the comfort your own home is amazing. That is what makes online lessons perfect for people with no time. You don’t need to go anywhere to learn. If you don’t have time today, you can always learn tomorrow.

3. Self-discipline and responsibility

Since you are learning yourself self-discipline and responsibility are said to increase after taking an online class. Even though this is not a skill directly related to sewing. It is a nice to have skill. You are taking responsibility to find time in a busy schedule. Also, it takes a lot of effort to finish something that can be easily abandoned unlike a class in real life.

Advantages of real-life classes

1. Meeting like-minded people

That is one of the best advantages of real-life lessons. When you are taking a class online, you are alone. But in real life, you get to meet a lot of people who are passionate about sewing as much as you. You can learn from each other’s mistakes and as for help. This is one experience you can’t get in an online lesson.

2. Real life demonstration

Online demonstrations never match the real-life ones. The amount of detail and understanding you get from seeing a demonstration up close is tremendous. An online lesson can never match that. You can always ask the instructor to show it again, and them repeating it may provide some more insight. But online you can only repeat the same video.

3. Ability to ask questions right away

This is amazing. In real life lessons, you can ask a doubt right away since the instructor is present. Online lessons do provide an option to ask questions but it is never right away. Getting your answers right away can make all the difference in the world.